A curated collection of Vegan first Vitamin supplements. Designed to enhance the way you Live, Work, Play, Sleep, & Restore.

Why Choose Us?

We are just like you. We are honest. Our Vegan Vitamin Health platform is a way to talk about the experiences and products that we use and the ones we produce because we were looking for something different than what is available on the market. We truly are sourcing products for ourselves and sharing them with you - our community.

“Only when we have become non-violent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves,”

Ceasar Chavez
American Civil Rights Activist

About Us



Hi, I'm Apryl a Certified Life, Health and Wellness, and NLP Coach. I am also an imperfect vegan! Yes, imperfect. I started the journey to being Vegan a few years ago after my father passed and officially transitioned this year, especially with COVID-19. This space is a place for me to share with you all of my learnings and products - to help others create the best versions of themselves. Need help? Message me directly - I am here for you. 


We are right in the heart of San Francisco. A place where it is pretty easy to be vegan compared to other places in the world. We will share our resources local and far, with you.


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